Flood Plane Wall Sculpture

This sculpture is one of several public art works that I created in the Arroyo Seco for the Cty of Pasadena, CA.

“You can't replicate what was there in the historic flood plane, but you can recreate parts of the environment. The good thing about McCormick's sculpture is that it doesn't change nature, it just helps it along. In this case he created a small structure that replicates the function of a natural stream bank levee encouraging gradual deposition of sediments behind it. When the wall develops new growth from the riparian plants woven in, it will sustain itself for years to come and it will produce a lasting floodplain behind it that is structurally identical to a natural one. "

Martin Kammerer, Environmental Scientist
Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority.

Headlands Center for the Arts Studio

Working at the Headlands Center for the Arts during Daniel's Bridge Residency, we were able to finish the documentation for the West Marin project, a 10 year installation of works along a 3/4 mile section of Olema Creek, one of the last remaining salmon spawning grounds in the Bay Area.