Features in Green Msueum Case Study

Green Museum included Daniel in their featured artists listings. See the listing at this link: Green Museum

There's also a case study in their Toolbox for Park and Resource Managers here: CASE STUDY

Concept Drawing-Site Plan

This illustration is part of my process for developing public art installations. This concept drawing is of a site plan of an installation I have done in agricultural area with a salmon spawning creek.

West Marin Site--Before & After


Since the publication of my work in magazines such as Orion Magazine, I have received a lot of inquiries about how people can view my finished work. This is often tricky, since my intention is that the art eventually disappear into the land leaving thriving vegetation to stabilize the creek banks. These photos of a project I have done in a creek on agricultural lands makes the point better than anything I more I could say.

Intervention and Participation

A review at "Blog4Jen" under Careers I Admire.
"...the idea of intervention and interpretation rather than just observation, is what I really admire about McCormick’s perspective. He inserts his work into the creative forces of nature, they become a working and influencing part of a much larger process in a direct and intentional way, as opposed to the way we walk around without realizing our influence. His work is grounded in physical process. Each piece is ephemeral, its creation and disintegration are participatory. That participation reveals the process, brings it to our awareness, makes it perceptible and visible."

Read the whole text (with additional links to publications that cover my work that I didn't even know were on the web) at: Blog4Jen