Watershed Sculpture at the Maker Faire

See me at Maker Faire!
Thanks for all the support this weekend. And my special thanks to the pros--Phil Ross and Maria Mortati for their encouragement, inspiration and excellent logistics.

The response was overwhelming and visitors are writing their own reviews of my exhibit (see my links in the Recent Publications section on the right). Stay tuned for more updates and photos to come (we're still recovering!)


Michael Beavers said…
Hi, Daniel...I really enjoyed your display at Maker Faire--it was among my favorites of the day. It got me thinking about erosion control projects of varying scale and that there is such a fine line between art and function. I wrote it up here: http://www.physicalinterface.com/view/watershed-protection.

Michael Beavers
Anonymous said…
hey Daniel, I think your work is great!! I am so over concrete conforming the waterways.
I am writing a paper for my third year on how your work functions and the changing roles of artists.
At a later date ( I have a bit of research i need to read first)i would like to ask you questions in regards to this if that is possible?

Helen Stewart
Raccoon Wedding said…
Mr. McCormick,
Saw your work and spoke with your partner at Maker Fair. I was so impressed with the beauty, function and concept of your work.
Looking forward to seeing more.

Aram Gerstein