Exhibitions at the David Brower Center and Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

Two new shows this Spring:
Materials and Methods: Ecological Art in Practice at the David Brower Center in Berkeley CA.

Iterations of Ecological Art and Design at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art


Anonymous said…
Mr. Dan McCormick

Father Nature (not Mother Nature) sculpting the landscape - let me know when you need a Structural Engineer to demonstrate the BIG BANG - a blast from the past

I like it - I may be working with Peter Pfau - Crane Cove Park, San Francisco - can we get you involved ??

Now That Would be Cool

Reinhard Ludke, SE
That would be cool! Currently on the East Coast working on a project, but keep in touch, Reinhard!
Unknown said…
Hi Daniel - I just discovered you and your ecological art on the baynature.org website - I love your works! I hope to make it to your Sonoma exhibit in early May. Do you sell any of your creations that can be hung on a wall -- for example, pieces like the 2nd photo on the baynature.org site? Thank you for melding nature and art in such an inspiring way. Sincerely, Brenda (Oakland)
Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, you can contact the Brower Centerfor more information. I will be back in the Bay Area at the end of the show, but you can contact them directly before then, or email me